July 12th, 2014

Zen Speaker: Smartphones Bamboo Dock Speaker Amplifier

I love listening to music. It makes me feel relaxed and inspired whether doing household chores, reading e-books, researching online, writing a draft for a new blog post and most of all before going to sleep. Music becomes my habit. And speakers turned to be my best friend.

Nowadays, We might have seen various speakers in the market. High tech, high specs, more functional and lots of designs to choose from. But the price is also HIGH!

Have you heard about a bamboo dock speaker that can also amplify sounds from your smartphones? Yes! You read it right! A BAMBOO! Amazing isn’t it? What’s more amazing to this speaker is it’s electricity free!

Being so in love to music, look what I have found! Classy, Inexpensive, Decorative, Eco-friendly and proudly a 100% Bamboo, Pinoy made Smartphone Speaker – The Zen Speaker!

Zen Speaker

These speakers are compatible to any kind of smartphones as long as it can actually fit in the dock.

Each Zen Speaker is especially handcrafted by local workers, so we are guaranteed of a high quality workmanship using local and high quality raw materials. And the great thing about Zen Speaker is aside from the fact that it is locally made; it also gives opportunity to our fellow Filipinos to showcase their ingenuity and generates income through it.

Zen Speaker comes in 2 different colors with a very affordable prize: Natural (P650) and Black (P700). They do personalized speakers and engrave your name for a minimal fee of P100. They also accept bulk orders subject for approval since it takes a lot of time and effort to create one.

zen speaker colors

Photo from ZenSpeaker Instagram Account

Did I said, eco-friendly? Oh Yes! Because the bamboo speaker comes with a cute canvas bag that makes it handy and stylish when traveling.


At the very first, I felt skeptical about it. Because who would have thought that a bamboo turns into an electricity-free speaker? That’s genius! For it actually worked! And I’m now enjoying the music with my very own Zen Speaker which I’ve got as a gift from a friend. Of course, it doesn’t sounds alike compared to traditional speakers in the market, but it’s not that bad for an eco-friendly and electricity-free device.

This Speaker is a perfect gift or giveaway for music lovers like me. And a perfect souvenir to your foreign friends or even long distance loved ones because surely they will be amazed to this wonder creation, proudly made only here in the Philippines.

For orders and inquiries, check out their social media pages:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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2 Comments on Zen Speaker: Smartphones Bamboo Dock Speaker Amplifier

  1. August 6, 2014 at 10:16 AM

    Thanks so much Yuri for the review of the Zen Speaker. I have a collection of the write-ups and blogs and ill definitely be adding this to the presentation deck. I have just posted it now to the Zen Speakers Facebook site.
    In behalf of the Zen Speaker family, thank you so so much again. More power to you and happy blogging!

    • Eurethel
      August 7, 2014 at 6:29 AM

      Wow! Thank you Sir JB for noticing my post. And for including this write up to your collections. Thank you for your wonderful creation I am enjoying right now. Wishing more power and creativity to ZenSpeaker family. 🙂





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