June 7th, 2015

Unboxing May BDJ Box: Kiss Dry Goodbye

It’s been a while now. Time flies so fast that this blog is near to its 1st anniversary but I haven’t posted so much. At some point I was staring on my blog for nothing. And I just keep on telling myself, I’d be more active in blogging soon when everything gets fine. For now, aside from being busy at work my focus was to finish my CCNA so I can get certified and be the person who I wanna be. A certified CCNA, A blogger and I guess a business minded person who wants to be her own boss someday! Hmmm.. that sounds pretty awesome right!? Anyway as I’ve mentioned, my blog anniversary is coming I’d be preparing some giveaway. I think I should have one after this post. But for now, let me share with you an unboxing.

It was end of the month last month since I was waiting for my May BDJ box but then on the 30th, right after work while on my way home I feel a bit excited. Seems like something is waiting for me at home and ohhh yeahhh! It finally arrives before I turn my calendar to June.

Curious enough to pass by this post? So here’s what BDJ offers for the month of May.
Unbox 1The box is big and quite heavy. Let’s open it up and see what is inside! 😉

Colgate Optic White

Colgate Optic White Plus Shine (100g, 115 pesos each)

Shine brighter with this new innovation from Colgate that whitens and shines teeth after just one week. It contains whitening accelerations that safely exfoliate stains to whiten teeth. It also contains gentle micro-crystal particles that help polish teeth and make it shiner. This is your perfect companion in creating brighter and meaningful smiles. Let the world know you can shine your brightest with Colgate Optic White Plus Shine.

Nivea Facial Wipes

Nivea 3in1 Exfoliating Wipes (20 sheets, 140 pesos)

You can take this handy cleansing and exfoliating facial wipes with you anywhere. Look fresh and stay clean even when tired, just bring this whenever you go and you’ll have clean skin in jiffy! Nivea facial wipes deeply cleanses with its soft side, exfoliates with its textured side and removes impurities with its special anti-bacterial formula. It comes in two variants-for oily skin and for dry/sensitive skin. You will also love its mild scent and the soft after effect it brings to skin.

Aloe Derma

Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel (45g, 280 pesos)

Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a multi-functional skincare product composed of 99.7% organic Aloe Vera extract, certified by Ecocert France. This protects your skin from dryness and irritation, and effectively repairs damaged skin as proven in clinical trials. It is recommend for soothing sunburns, perfect if you have just gone on a summer trip. It’s also great for daily use, as it’s very light on the skin, perfect for our humid weather.

FS Powder Blush

FS Powder Blush (6.2g, 350 pesos)

This FS powder blush is a preview magazine beauty award winner, and rightly so! It blends smoothly and easily for a streak-free, natural finish look that gives you perfectly flushed cheeks. It contains Vitamin E for an extra boost of hydration, perfect for our humid weather. It comes in a variety of shades and finishes to fit your every mood. It’s also very handy and convenient, as it comes with a mini-brush that you can use quick touch-ups throughout the day.

Dermal Mask

Dermal Mask (70 pesos each)

Restore your tired, dull skin, and welcome its healthy glowing with this moisturizing and revitalizing collagen mask. It contains nutritional active ingredients that nourishes your skin and brings back its natural radiance. Nothing beats healthy looking skin, so add Dermal Masks to your beauty routine and you will surely see the difference. Choose from 36 different variants to address your various skin concerns and you’ll surely find the one suits you.

sample size

The samples

Cure Natural Agua Gel (sample size, 250ml, 1500 pesos)
Exfoliate and reveal a brighter skin with Cure Natural Agua Gel that gently catches waste dead skin on surface of your skin and remove it.

Pure Savon Rose Blend Scent and Classical Floral White/Lily Scent (sample size, 300ml, 545 pesos)
Achieve smoother skin with Pure Savon Rose Blend Scent and Classical Floral White/Lily Scent.

Himawari Dear Beaute Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner (sample size, 500ml, 695 pesos)
Put the moisture back into your hair with Himawari Dear Beaute Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner.


Cetaphil Daily Advance Moisturizing Lotion (sample size, 85g, 675 pesos)

Cetaphil Daily Advance Moisturizing Lotion is designed for all-over body use from your head to your toes. It is face acting, long lasting and great on even the toughest, extra-dry skin. It instantly replenishes, hydrates and protects dry, sensitive skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Formulated with a unique combination of five key moisturizing ingredients, this luxurious lotion is perfect for your daily use. Clinically proven to hydrate and moisturize for a full day with non-greasy and fragrance-free formula you’ll surely love.

May BDJ Box

To sum up, this box is worth 1,559 pesos excluding the sample size items. Almost three times at the subscription price. All I can say is its definitely worth it since I haven’t tried most of the products and even I already tried the others, I am still glad its included in this month’s box as I am using them anyway! I have a lot of skin cares and hair cares so I am hoping for a box full of make up next month.

So, What do you think for this month’s BDJ box?

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2 Comments on Unboxing May BDJ Box: Kiss Dry Goodbye

  1. Bea
    July 3, 2015 at 1:20 PM

    Hope you’ll review the aloe gel!

    • August 17, 2015 at 11:02 AM

      Will definitely give it a review once tried. Up to this time I haven’t use it. 😀





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