August 12th, 2014

TV5 Introduces a New Kind of Comedy Game Show: ‘QUIET PLEASE’

TV5 is primed to take over your Sunday nights as its newest program offering “Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay”, which promises to be a comedy game show like no other, begins to make noise this Sunday, August 10 at 8:00PM.


The Kapatid Network’s one-of-a-kind program sets itself apart from the usual game shows on television with its unique and exciting concept, where contestants must accomplish a series of timed challenges—of all shapes and sizes—without setting off the giant noise-meter (an ultra-sensitive, noise-measuring device that sounds an alarm when it reaches a certain noise level). Ultimately, the goal is to move as silently as possible through all the rounds, and with less noise, the contestants win bigger prizes!

Aside from the belly-aching fun and excitement that viewers will experience while watching the game show, they will also be treated to finally witnessing the much-awaited return to television of one of Philippine showbiz’ ultimate heartthrobs, with multi-hyphenate Richard Gomez marking his game show comeback as the host of “Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay”.

Goma, who previously hosted “The Biggest Game Show in the World (Asia)” also on TV5, will be joined by the loud and sassy comedienne K Brosas as his co-host, who in turn will provide viewers the humor in the program with her candid commentary, quick wit and signature funny antics.

“Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay” will most definitely be kicking off with a big bang on its special pilot episode this Sunday as celebrity guests will be the first-ever contestants to go through the various challenges set by ‘Master Silencer’, Richard Gomez.
Goma first welcomes the group aptly called “Team Sexy”, which is composed of TV5’s hottest properties, with ultimate leading hunk Derek Ramsay, timeless beauty Alice Dixson and sexy actor Wendell Ramos reuniting anew to heat things up in the special pilot episode.

Going head-to-head against them is the group of celebrity players composed of Goma’s closest showbiz friends and most unforgettable on-screen television and movie partners. Joining the reunion of sorts in the program and headlining “Team BFF” are sitcom favorites Joey Marquez and Anjo Yllana, together with Goma’s former leading lady, Snooky Serna.

With all this exciting action to be expected in TV5’s newest comedy game show, be sure not to miss the official premiere of “Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay”, which features popular showbiz personalities as its first-ever batch of contestants, this Sunday, August 10, 8:00PM on TV5!

Visit for more information as well as for catch up episodes.

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