July 9th, 2016

The best women’s summer footwear

When it comes to summer fashions, shoes are one of the major accessories to any outfit. With this in mind, there are certain trends which tend to stand out more than others. With summer just around the corner, knowing what shoes to look for, and what type of finish or style is in, will allow you to properly dress up (or down) any outfit. These are some details, finishes, and styles to consider, when shopping for new shoes for the summer months.

Silver is in –
Whether it is shimmering silver, silver streaks, or a subtle detail, silver pops during the summer. Designers like Gucci, Michael Kors, and even Givenchy, are taking on this trend. From high heels, to stilettos, to flats or sandals, you will see these on the runway, as well as local shoe retailers in the area.

Sneakers are in –
Canvas styles, pumps, high tops, low tops, you name it, they are popular. In fact, many women are taking the style to a new level, pairing them with dresses, skirts, and dressier outfits. With more and more designer names creating fun, colourful, elegant, design details, you can find a sneaker for any outfit, and for any occasion this summer season.

The gladiator –
This is a summer staple when it comes to sandals. They are elegant, the straps give them a unique touch, and different designers add different detail in design to the straps and details. Further, you can find them in high heels, flats, pumps, or a smaller heel style, when choosing them. And, with many well known designers creating these great sandals, you can find a fun style for any outfit you want to pair them with.

Western front –
Love boots? If so, this is a style which never seems to go out of fashion. Bootie styles have really stepped up their game. With designers adding elaborate diamonds, finishes, elegant texture, and of course high quality leather materials, you can find a boot for every outfit you want to wear. They pair up well with summer dresses, jeans, and can be dressed up or down quite easily with the right top and accessories as well.

Sandals –
The beach, the pool, outdoor parties, events, or simply lounging around, requires a great pair of sandals. Flip flops, heels, flats, pumps, you name the style, and they are likely going to be seen during the summer season. You can show off a great manicure, pair them with the right handbag and glasses, and more and more designers are adding elegant touches, detail, and finishes, to the new product lines they are introducing for the summer season.


There is no shortage of styles or options from which you can choose when it comes to the right pair of shoes this summer. Of course, with this in mind, certain styles seem to stand out and make their way to the forefront more so than others. If you are unsure on the style of shoe you are looking for you can look at some online catalogues and take some inspiration. One site you could take a look at is shop2day.co.uk. So, if you are looking for the perfect summer shoe, these are some of the styles to look for when shopping for new shoes for the season.

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