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Thanks for your interest! I’m Eurethel, the chic behind this blog. A blog which cater lifestyle, fashion, beauty and anything that inspires and interests me. I started blogging since 2012 and one of the things I love in blogging is helping others promote their own business.
Advertising here on my blog is a great way to gain exposure for your blog/brand/business! I’m open to collaborations like hosting giveaways, product reviews, sponsored/guest posts, banner/ad space, social media mentions, event representation and more!
All sponsored posts are promoted and cross-marketed on various social media platforms for maximum exposure.
I reserve the right to give my honest opinion to preserve & maintain the integrity of my blog.


If you are interested in having me wear, feature or review one of your items or products, please send your proposal via email to discuss the rest of the details. I accept all kinds of product as long as the product is related to my niche. All reviews are based on my honest and unbiased opinion from trying out the product.
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This blog promotes products, brands and businesses in exchange of cash. You’ll benefit from the length of exposure of published articles as long as the website exists. Pre-written articles are very much welcome.
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Advertise using a banner ad that will be placed on the right-hand column of the blog. Ads will be priced on a monthly basis and will run for thirty days. If you would like to place an ad on the site please contact me for pricing.

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Giveaways are a great way of driving traffic to your blog or shop. Give your blog or company an exposure while providing someone with a special gift via random selection. As a giveaway sponsor, you may offer cosmetics, vouchers, cash, event invites or other products as a prize.

(Subject line: Collaboration Giveaway)

Email me at idealyouph@live.com or contact@eurethel.com if you wish working with me. Please do indicate the subject line upon sending your email. I’m looking forward collaborating with you! Thank you.




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