November 28th, 2016

OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

There are lot of phones in the market today but aside from the hardware and software qualities, camera is on the top of our priority in choosing what phone to buy. People nowadays love to take selfies and groufie (group selfies) anywhere, anytime and whatever they do. Well that explains that in this modern world, most of us love to keep memories through photos. Bringing a digital or a DSLR camera is a hassle thing to do for our daily trips especially to a blogger like me who needs a better camera to take good photos. And speaking of selfies, we need a front camera which DSLR and digicam is not convenient at all. So why not have the camera built in together with your mobile device? With OPPO F1s having a 16MP front camera, a 1/3.1-inch image sensor and an F/2.0 aperture allowing for more light to enter the camera enhances its sensitivity so we can take a natural looking selfies even in a low light conditions.


I am a selfie addict but I only post few of my selfies online. Why? You’ll probably agree with me that all of us wants to look good on photos. But no matter how good looking you are (ahemmm :P) but with a not so reliable phone, we uses photo filters to enhance our captures instead. I have downloaded 3 or more photo filtering apps before but sad to say I deleted them all as I needed space for OS update. So what happened to me now is most of my photos uses Instagram filters just to enhance my shots.


Unedited photos taken from OPPO F1s are already stunning however we still look for something different at times. That is why filtering app were created. With OPPO F1s built in filters, add a more dramatic sexy look in your shots. The said phone has 7 wonderful filters to play with. And those are Café, Bright, Candy, Shine, Soft, Fade and Mono.


OPPO F1s 13MP rear camera is already at its best. But having the same theme on your IG is boring. So sometimes I use one of my favorite filter, “SHINE” to give a different ambiance on my timeline. How about you? What camera filter will you probably use the most?

I’m happy to announce that OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray. Yey! Get yourself a treat before the year ends.

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