September 27th, 2015

My Top 3 Beauty Must Have

How was everyone’s long weekend? Probably most of you went out for shopping or some of you are planning to go out and shop some girl stuff. Well if you are looking for something affordable yet quality wise, I suggest you to visit SAMMYDRESS.COM. Hey Pretty, it seems everything we need can be found in this online store. From Women’s and Men’s Clothing, Shoes, Bags and Accessories, Wedding Dresses, Jewelry, Intimate Lingerie, Wigs, Cosplay Costumes, Children’s Toys, Home Products, Pet Supplies and many more creative items and gift ideas. As I browse this website, I found some items I wanna cross out on my wishlist and ofcourse I’m going to share it with you.

1. Facial Cleaning Brush ($36.83 $15.91)
Cleaning Brush

TS-0815 4 in 1 Multi-functional Rechargeable Electric Beauty Machine for Cleaning Face
I have a flawless face as they say but because of my everyday travel and being exposed to dirt, sunlight and pollution, I might not visibly see that my skin needs to taken care a lot more. Not just by using soap and water, facial cleanser and moisturizers.

Me using the Facial Brush
I have tried this Facial Cleaning Brush before (owned by my sister, that’s why I need one for myself. :D) and it really feels good after using as It skillfully makes our skin clear and clean by Removing oil and grease, cutin, speckle, fine lines and improve skin elasticity to prevent acne.

Before and After
It also removes black heads without hurting the skin. The beauty of sexy woman is derive from perfect facial skin. Light up your beauty life with this Multi-functional Electric Face Cleaning Machine, go girl!

2. Eye Roll-on ($5.15 $2.35)
Bead Eye
I’d been facing computers everyday and I’d been stressing out my eyes the whole day. So I definitely need this product to give my eyes a break, a relaxation perhaps. (Click above photo for product details)

Professional Nourishing Massage Walks The Bead Eye EssenceReading positive reviews from other buyers, I believe that this is worth a try. And girls, look at the price? It’s soooo cheap! Grab yours now while still on sale!

3. Make-Up Brush ($24.44 $12.30)
Professional Makeup Brushes Set with Black Synthetic Leather Pouch Bag
What’s the best girls weapon? -Brushes! Oh yes! A must have for every girl who wants to look beautiful having make-ups. I have few brushes on hand and but I am looking for a set that is easy to carry, lightweight, long lasting and most especially soft brush hair. Hopefully I choose the right one I am looking for. 😀

For more beauty essentials, visit

With over 200,000 product lines, SammyDress offer a world of style at the lowest possible online prices. Start browsing your wishlist now! Happy shopping!

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