September 20th, 2014


Hi guys! Finally I’m back after being idle for weeks. I was supposed to post this the 1st week of September for I already made a draft on my phone before September starts however I haven’t get a chance to retype on my laptop. I felt so stressed this past few weeks due to a project I’m dealing with at work so I had to rest on weekends and I’ve been food poisoned just last week. (Too much eating huh?) So I decided to take a break on my online matters and regain my physical and mental strength. Finally here I am, in the mood of rewriting/editing this post since the last time I made a draft on this was a bit outdated. Haha

Despite of the stress and sickness I’ve been through this past few weeks, I’d also like to say I received so many blessings. You’ll know what I’m referring to if you’ve been following me on my social accounts. (Have you?) Just like you guys, I’m fun of joining contest and giveaways online(not too often). For me, it is a great opportunity to try your best and luck at the same time. Luckily, most of the time I won. How? Okay let me tell you my story and insight on this. Just last February this year (If I’m not mistaken) I started following merchants and bloggers account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just to receive updates, deals, sales and promos for I love shopping (preferably online). Just this year, I am fun of reading food, lifestyle and beauty blogs which also inspires me as a blogger. I’ve been blogging since late 2012 however reading/following others blog was never been my idea until what happened this year. Since I’ve started following merchants and bloggers, contest and giveaways caught my attention. “I wanna try my luck too!” Those are just few words I though before joining. And there you go; I keep on winning and winning. Admittedly, it is a nice feeling having things you’ve never thought and expect to be yours for free. You feel this too right?

One of these blessings I’ve got is from Skycable. Yahoo! I won a jacket from #GameOfThronesOnSky promo. I like it! I love it!


Me wearing the jacket. <3



This is the post I saw before I joined the contest.

I was hoping to win an Ipad mini so I joined their tweet and win promo. Ipad is in my wish list yet as much as possible I don’t wanna spend money on it. Too thrifty in me. Haha but seriously I am not this kind of person who wants to spend too much money on things I wanted. Instead I’ll buy and do things I really need. Necessity is my priority and being an independent person makes me more mature towards my needs and wants.

Here are some of my entries.

Winner AnnouncementYey! I’m one of the winner. My name was misspelled here. :'(

For those who haven’t heard about Game Of Thrones, it was premiered last April 7, 9pm through HBO Go. HBO Go is an internet streaming service that allows its subscribers to enjoy their favorite HBO original programs 12 hours after the US anytime, anywhere across multiple devices including laptops and smartphones. All you need to do is download the app “HBO GO”, register and enjoy! HBO Go subscribers will be able to select what they want to watch which gives more control to its viewers. That’s awesome! It is also FREE for SKYBroadbrand subscribers with 5mbps unli and up with SKYCable HBO Asia. Wow! As in wow! Still not a skycable subscriber?




Use this 2,000php flexi gift cheque as payment for skycable subscription fees. New and existing subscribers with no SKYBroadband subscription are qualified to avail this gift cheque. This promo is extended until September 30, 2014. Better subscribe now to avail this one time offer. Time is ticking! Visit HERE for more details about the promo.

I may not win the Ipad Mini yet I’m so thankful and happy with my #GameOfThrones jacket (especially these rainy day, it is very useful!). Fellas, just keep this in mind: If you join contests and giveaways, no matter how lots of participants are joining you should never lose hope and give it a try. You may not win, that’s okay better luck next time. If you do, then that one is really just for you. In this world, we must know how to be practical.
Yes we may have the money but instead if buying thing you never really need you should keep and make that money grow. But importantly, do whatever makes you happy! Alright?

To register and explore this latest SKY service, go to on your laptop or download the HBO GO app for free from App Store or Google Play. For more information on SKYcable and SKYbroadband, log on to

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