October 6th, 2014

FREE Diapers from @HuggiesPH

How are you recently? Hope your weekend is great. If not? Then, this post will surely make all the Mommies happy for Huggies is giving away free samples on their Huggies Dry Pants.


Huggies Dry Pants is designed for your playful and active babies. It is an easy-to-use diaper because it is s all-around elastic waistband and tear-away side seams make for an easy on and easy off without the hassles of tape. This could be slipped on easily just like pants, all you need to do is Step-Step-Up! And there you go. Also, it doesn’t even matter which side you wear it since it can be worn on any side but still provide a comfortable to your child. To remove, just tear off the side seams. So easy to use huh?!

It is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash, and it also keeps your baby’s skin dry and healthy with a 100% breathable cover, double leak barriers and Quick Lock System to help stop leaks. It also ensures a snug fit each time, while providing long-lasting dryness!

Product Benefits

The soft stretch sides also provide comfort and help prevent red marks even when baby is on the move. These pants are affordable so your baby can use it every day. You can have a free samples of Huggies Dry Pants by clicking the image below.
Huggies Diapers

Wait! There’s more!!!!!! Join the Huggies Dry Pants Testimonial Raffle and you’ll get a chance to win a year supply of Huggies Dry Pants.

Win 1 year supply of Huggies Diaper

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Changing your baby’s diapers has never been this easy. Left foot in, right foot in, then pull up. With Huggies Dry Pants, it’s as easy as STEP, STEP, UP!

Website: https://www.huggies.com.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huggiesph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuggiesPH

*All images used are from Huggies Philippines Website

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