November 19th, 2016

Decorating your bedroom on a budget

Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t create the bedroom of your dreams. In fact, there are quite a few ways in which you can go about decorating your bedroom on a budget, which will allow you to have the finishes, detail, and lavish look you desire, all without breaking the bank. For those who are on a tight budget, consider a few of these tips when you are getting started.

When it comes to new furnishings, do it yourself. Build your own desk for a small corner nook, create your own bed frame, paint your own headboard. More and more retailers today are selling furniture you can put together on your own; in fact, many of them are quite easy projects as well. So, having a little bit of patience will help you greatly reduce the cost of new furniture (which is one of the biggest expenses in bedroom decorating). Further, you give the room your own personal touches in detail, design, and finishes.

If you have furniture, rather than buy new, why not refinish it? Simply using the right paint supplies, varnishes, and finishes, will give your furniture that weathered, dated look, which gives any room character. It is also a simple way to avoid buying new furniture, and allows you to repurpose items you love, and were planning on getting rid of.

Another budget breaker is the flooring. However, today there are many laminate finishes from which you can choose, which are quite affordable. With finishes looking like real hardwood flooring, tile, and other stone or marble finishes, many people can’t tell the difference; plus, these styles are a fraction of the cost you would pay for the real thing. Carpeting is another option for cheaper flooring, and many homeowners prefer it for bedrooms, as it adds a touch of warmth to the space. Can’t install new flooring? New throw rugs, carpets, and long run mats or rugs, will go a long way to helping cover up the old dirty floors, while adding a touch of flair to the space as well.

A fresh coat of paint goes much further than you might think; and, if you are willing to do the paint work on your own, rather than hire a company, you can save even more on the cost. There are several painting supplies you can choose from, such as tape to create detail around edges, or finished lining to create a border around the space. And, with many paint supply stores, shopping around allows you to find a great price on paint for your home.

A new ceiling fan can add a touch of elegance, as can a simple bookcase or corner nook to the room. And, what’s best is you can do these projects on your own to really reduce cost of redecorating. You don’t have to break the bank to recreate your bedroom, these are a few simply tips for those who are decorating the bedroom on a budget in their home.
If you have no experience in decorating then sometimes it can be hard. If you would like some advice or even hire a tradesmen to come and decorate for you then there are loads of sites which can help you find reliable tradesmen.

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