January 8th, 2017

Are inflatable tubs worth the money?

Summer is just around the corner. What does this mean? Parties, barbeques, house warming events, and fun days outside the home with family and friends. So, for the homeowner who loves to host parties, if you can’t afford a new hot tub, there is the option to go with the inflatable tub. But, you may be wondering if it is worth the cost, maintenance, and whether or not the value of these tubs is worth spending the money on them. So, these are a few things to consider, if you are debating whether or not to invest in one.

Value for the money –
Believe it or not, they are worth the cost; in fact, you can find tubs for as low as a couple hundred pounds. Most of them claim to hold four to six adults, which is more than enough room to entertain visitors. They are sturdy, well built, the material finish is strong and doesn’t pop or deflate quickly. Further, they are portable. So, whether hosting a bbq for a couple of friends, or hosting a party for your kids and their friends, you can place them nearly anywhere outside.

In terms of cost, they are less than half the price of most fixed hot tubs. The fact that there is little to no maintenance required also makes them a must have for those who don’t want to do cleaning work after each use. They are easy to care for, easy to inflate and deflate, and fill up is a breeze. A weekly water testing for larger acrylic tubs is typically more than enough in terms of maintenance.

Use –
In terms of use and useful life, they are also a great investment. First off, you can place them on any surface, even if it is not levelled. Most only require 110 volt output, meaning they can be hooked up in nearly any home, and to any outlet. They are comfortable, roomy, and most come with accessories like pillows so you can lounge in them. And, they are much warmer than you might anticipate them to be, especially in comparison to a fixed hot tub that you would choose to have permanently installed outside of the home.

So, should you invest in a portable hot tub? Do these inflatable garden hot tubs live up to the quality standard? Of course the answer is it depends. As each homeowner has different desired and intended uses, deciding to invest in one is a personal option. But, for most, if you simply want something to lounge in, where you can invite friends over, enjoy the calming tub atmosphere, and want something which is easy to maintain and care for, this is a great solution. It is far cheaper than having a fixed hot tub built and placed outside the home. They are portable, durable, and if you take the time to compare several before purchasing, you can find a great deal, on a sturdy, well built, inflatable tub which you can enjoy year round outside of the home.

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